Urban Brains and Rural Hearts To Make a Modern India…..

The flagship programme of SURGE-I, Pratyavartan is a forum and program for people living in urban India.

A way back to the root…

  • Pratyavartan is an initiative to get back to the Missing root
  • Pratyavartan is a way of contributing for development of the native people left behind
  • Pratyavartan is a Synergy to bring Urban and Rural India closer
  • The name -‘Pratyavartan’ chosen being inspired by a chapter named ‘Pratyavartan from South Africa’ from Mahatma Gandhi’s book ‘My Experiments with Truth’. Also Gandhiji’s appeal for ‘going back to the villages’ inspired the concept

Areas of Intervention:

    • Skill development and Capacity Building
    • Culture and Heritage
      • Tourism
      • Agriculture & Horticulture
      • Infrastructure development
      • Education
      • Watershed Management



Mission of the project is to transform 18 villages in the watershed of Pathorijan river in Nagaon, Assam, India as a Model village cluster of self-governance having a sustainable growth ecosystem (economic, social, cultural and environmental).


  • To revive the dead river and the natural resources
  • To accelerate agricultural growth
  • To promote sustainable production system and ensure income security
  • To create livelihood opportunity for all and local leadership

Status of the project:

In 2000, a group of local enterprising youths led by Shri Sarat Barkakati, a trained civil Engineer began motivating local people about reviving the stagnant river Pathori to make 500 hectares of waterlogged land cultivable again.

  • In 2004, a 5 days event was organised to sensitise the local people. The people of 18 villages came together enmasse to make the event successful, who pledge equivocally to participate in the making of and implement an integrated project for the entire region.
  • In 2008, cleaning and de-weeding of a major parts of the river was completed under the on-going MGNREGA scheme of the Govt of India.
  • In March 2009, a rally was organised to further sensitise and re-energize the youths before actually taking off the project.
  • Till 2010, all the 67 man-made embankments across the river, for fishing were removed through MGNREGA with participation of village people and a boat race was organized on the river to mark the triumph of making it free for navigation.
  • By 2014, about 600 m stretch of the river was dredged, cleaned and fishery on cooperative basis was started by local youths on the river bed using iron mesh and without blocking the river flow.



Preserving and Enriching the Ancestral Root and Language

By 2100 AD, according to one survey carried out by the National Geographic, more than half of about seven thousand languages spoken on Earth will die, taking with them a rich tapestry of culture, customs, conventions and a large chunk of human civilization grown over centuries in different nook and corner of the world. The rate of language disappearance has accelerated drastically in recent years. As per UNESCO – A language goes extinct every two weeks.

One’s mother tongue gives identity to an individual in the wilderness of globalisation. The present generations has the onus to pass on to the next generation the cultural and linguistic uniqueness they themselves grew up with.


Preserving and Enriching Ancestral Root and Language– is an attempt to preserve the rich linguistic and socio-cultural heritage of a particular community and facilitate their new generations to remain rooted, in spite of living in other parts of India or the world.


Pearl, Assamese is the first project for the global Assamese community.